Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Hunt is On!

We have just landed in what seems like an arctic tundra! But it is just New York City. We will be here for the rest of the week hunting for an apartment for our family. God has been so good to us in recent months as we prepare to relocate to plant a church among South Asians in Jackson Heights. Please pray for us in this search. Pray that God will provide the right place for us with a great school and a price we can afford. Pray also for all the people we hope to impact for the Kingdom!


  1. good luck with the search. hopefully we can be neighbors! :)

  2. I hope I can catch up with you while we are in NYC over spring break. I will be there with a small team from UGA working through MNYBA March 7-13.

    1. Sure thing! I think you owe me dinner anyway! Email us at bishopadventure@gmail.com